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Oct 18

[Tutorial] Sick Beard on embedded FreeNAS 0.7.2 (i386)

After the SABnzbd tutorial I thought it was a small step to create a tutorial for Sick Beard. Well it did cost me some more time than I’ve originally thought but I just had to share it. For you who don’t know what Sick Beard is, click “Read More” to see what you have been missing!

UPDATE 18dec. 2010
- Added backup note at the bottom.

UPDATE 3dec. 2010
- Added upgrade steps.

UPDATE 9nov. 2010
- Edited the location of the Sick Beard location. Previously it would be placed in “/mnt/extensions/sickbeard”. Thing is, when you want to do an update, you’ll have to come up with another map name to run Sick Beard from. My solution is to place every version of Sick Beard into the /sickbeard/ folder, each with its own folder. Advantage is that you don’t have to come up with another map name each time you download a new version. Second, you have every version placed nicely into its own folder (no clutter). And third if a newer version doesn’t work you can easily change the startup script to your previous folder and run the old version until you solved any problems with the new one.

UPDATE 9nov. 2010
- Edited startup command in step 18. 

This tutorial was made using this great guide, a lot of Googling, testing, some more testing and even less sleep.

So here it is. But first, what is Sick Beard exactly? Well it’s an automated TV Show download utility in which you set your favorite TV Shows and every week when a new one comes out, it does its work. It also automatically renames the downloaded shows in an understandable format for your media player. For example Plex or XBMC. Pretty damn useful if you don’t want to miss out on your favorite TV Shows and can’t be in front of your TV every time their on. And even more cool, want them in the best quality available!

Sick Beard screenshot


- Like the previous SABnzbd tutorial, we’re going to use “Zeta” as our disk mount. Of course create and/or use your own mount every time this name is mentioned. 

- Copy and paste commands which are more than 1 row long, into a text editor first to make sure everything gets executed as it should.

1. Open a SSH connection to your FreeNAS box using Terminal (OSX) or Putty (Windows). In OSX this is done by opening Terminal and typing:

ssh -l root

(login with your admin password)

2. We’re going to put Sick Beard in our previously created “extensions” folder (SABnzbd tutorial). Of course you can use your own folder if you want to.

cd /mnt/Zeta/extensions

mkdir sickbeard 

3. Now we’re giving the -also previously created- group “sabnzbd” access to the Sick Beard folder. Again, change if you like.

chgrp sabnzbd sickbeard

chmod 770 sickbeard

4. Download the latest Sick Beard source from GitHub and unpack it.

fetch “”

tar -xzf master

rm master

5. Check the folder name of the unpacked Sick Beard file and move the folder to a new location.


6. There should be a folder named something like this: “midgetspy-Sick-Beard-fe0abd3”. Then move this folder to a more logical location (the folder from step 2.).

mv midgetspy-Sick-Beard-fe0abd3 /mnt/Zeta/extensions/sickbeard

7. Install Sqlite3 for Python 2.5.4 (if you’re running a clean FreeNAS install).
If you installed SABnzbd using my tutorial you can skip this step. 


pkg_add -rv py25-sqlite3-2.5.4_1

8. The moment of truth, testing if it runs. Run this in the console:

python /mnt/Zeta/extensions/sickbeard/midgetspy-Sick-Beard-fe0abd3/

9. Go into your browser, enter your FreeNAS ip, followed by port number 8081.

If that seems to work, you’re done with the installation, yay! Next up is configuring Sick Beard.
I’m not going through the whole configuration thing of Sick Beard since there is a great guide to configure everything located here. I will only go through the essentials when using Sick Beard on FreeNAS. 

10. In the Sick Beard web-interface, go to Config > General

- Add a login if you’re going to access Sick Beard from outside your router or just want to protect against people in your own home network (scary). 

- Set the logging directory to an absolute path. Something like this:


11. Go to Config > Episode Downloads.

- Set the NZB action to “SABnzbd” if it wasn’t already set.

- Fill in the details of your SABnzbd at the box on the right.

- Set your TV download dir to your SABnzbd TV download dir. 


12. Open the SABnzbd scripts folder (create one if you don’t have one). Then open the Sick Beard folder titled “autoProcessTV” that you got with your Sick Beard installation. Copy all the contents over into your SABnzbd scripts folder.

13. Rename the “autoProcessTV.cfg.sample” to “autoProcessTV.cfg”. 

14. Open autoProcessTV.cfg in your favorite text editor. Change the host, port, username and password values to the appropriate settings for your Sick Beard server.
Then save and close it.

15. Open the SABnzbd web-interface and go to Config > Categories and set the “tv” script to: “”.

16. Next we’re going to take care of the automatic startup and shutdown of Sick Beard. Go ssh into your FreeNAS box.

cd /mnt/Zeta/extensions/sickbeard


Paste everything you see below but change the ip, port number, user and password of your Sick Beard app.


fetch “ «_EOF

Next press CTRL+X to exit, Y to overwrite and ENTER to confirm the filename. 

17. CHMOD the file you’ve just created:

chmod +x

18. Now we’re going to add the system folder links and SABnzbd to the FreeNAS startup scripts.

Go to your FreeNAS web-interface and to Advanced > Startup scripts.

Choose the “+” icon and enter these commands: (save after each command)

/mnt/Zeta/extensions/usr/local/bin/python2.5 /mnt/Zeta/extensions/sickbeard/midgetspy-Sick-Beard-fe0abd3/ —quiet &
Type: PostInit

And the command below for the shutdown of Sick Beard:


Type: Shutdown

19. The final step. Open in your favorite text editor and change the first line to:


20. Test everything by rebooting your server and checking if your Sick Beard web-interface opens. For configuring and setting Sick Beard to work I’m gonna redirect you to the official forum and site.

Sick Beard upgrade screenshot

21. An extra added step here if you want to update your Sick Beard automatically. Go to “config” > “general” and check the box next to “Notify when new versions are available”. 

22. From now on you’ll see an “update now” bar appear when a new version is available. Just click “update now” and wait for about a minute. Afterwards your Sick Beard is updated to the newest version!

NOTE: If you accidentally f*ck up your FreeNAS installation for some reason or you just want to backup your settings and programs, these 2 files need to be backed up and placed back after reinstall: sickbeard.db and config.ini.

Have a beer.. or two and enjoy your usenet-PVR! :)

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